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Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane Releases Autobiography

Sep 19, 2017

Whether you know him from his music or the headlines, Atlanta's Gucci Mane is a larger-than-life figure. The drug dealer turned rapper has spent his life in and out of prison, and his contributions to hip-hop, specifically trap rap, are profound.

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In 2016, he finished a three-year prison sentence, and since then, he's been featured on songs with Bruno Mars and Migos, to name just a few. He has also released his own mix tapes and albums. Now, he has a book.

Gucci Mane co-wrote "The autobiography of Gucci Mane" with music journalist Neil Martinez-Belkin. The book came out Tuesday. “City Lights” producer Gabbie Watts spoke with Atlanta music journalist Christina Lee, who wrote a review for ArtsAtl, about the autobiography and about Gucci Mane’s influence on Atlanta.