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Atlanta Shakespeare Company Embraces 'History' Of Richard III

Jun 19, 2017

Shakespeare’s plays are often accepted as works of historical fact. In the case of "Richard III," many believe we’ve been deceived all these years.

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The show is the Atlanta Shakespeare Company’s current production and runs through July 2.

As far as historical accuracy goes, artistic director Jeff Watkins insists that it doesn’t matter.

“It was in the interest of the Tudors to make Richard III the most detestable man imaginable, I don’t believe there’s a lot of fact there,” he tells "City Lights" host Lois Reitzes. “Always remember that history is written by the winners.”

“Even with a play that is called a 'history' as opposed to a tragedy,” explains actor Andy Houchins, who plays Richard, “the history of it matters less to me than what Shakespeare wrote. It was in certain senses a sort of propaganda, but I consider it the difference between trying to do a documentary versus a story ‘inspired by the events of …’ where there are always some liberties taken.”