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Beautiful City: The BeltLine Poet

Feb 11, 2015

Lee Butler hands out free copies of her poem to anyone who will stop to listen.
Credit Alison Guillory / WABE

Today we continue our series "Beautiful City" ─ places to go in Atlanta  ... to get away from Atlanta. 

But today we’re doing something a little different.

We’re heading to a spot in the city that many will be familiar with: the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine.

On any given day, you’ll find crowds of people biking, walking, blading and jogging down this paved path.

But on Saturday afternoons, on the bridge over North Avenue, you’ll find one woman who comes here for a different kind of exercise — one that’s literary.

The ''BeltLine Bardess'' reads a new poem about the Atlanta BeltLine every week.
Credit Alison Guillory / WABE

"Beautiful City" is made possible by a grant from The Kendeda Fund, and through a partnership with Park Pride, celebrating 25 years of more and better parks for Atlanta.