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Beautiful City: Maddox Park

Oct 2, 2014

"Beautiful City" is WABE's series about places to get away from Atlanta without leaving the city.

Today, a visit to one of the oldest parks in the city. Maddox Park, named for former Atlanta mayor Robert Maddox, opened in 1931. It served one of the first suburbs of the city with amenities like a swimming pool and a stone pavilion. The pool and the pavilion are both still standing today and though the park doesn't get the kind of traffic other, more prominent parks in the city do, the residents who frequent it have a strong sense of ownership over it, and share a concern for Maddox's upkeep and its future.

You can find the Beltline's Master Plan for Maddox Park online here (PDF).

Beautiful City is made possible by a grant from The Kendeda Fund, and through a partnership with Park Pride, celebrating 25 years of more and better parks for Atlanta.