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Braves' Plans for New Stadium Call for Fewer Seats, More High-End Options

May 14, 2014

The Braves released more details about their plans for their new stadium in Cobb County.
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On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the Atlanta Braves released their first renderings, or preliminary drawings, of what their new stadium in Cobb County will look like.

Braves executive vice president Derek Schiller told WABE the new ballpark will have a capacity of 41,500.  That's down from the 50,000 seats in the team’s current home at Turner Field.

Among those 41,500 seats, 3,000 to 4,000 will be club seats, according to Schiller.  Club seats do not include those in the luxury boxes.  But they cost more and offer more perks than basic seats do.  Schiller said Turner Field has only about 300 of those club seats.

According to Schiller, there will be several different types of club seats in the new stadium, with higher prices for those fans who want more amenities.

[WABE has posted all of the new renderings of the proposed Braves stadium. Click here.]

"It doesn't necessarily mean that it's an expensive seat," Schiller said.  "It just means that there is some level of additional amenity associated with that seat.  It might be something small; it might be just a unique little club.  Or it might be the very high-end club that is somewhat similar to what we have here at Turner Field, known as the SunTrust club."

Schiller said the smaller capacity, and increased number of higher-end seats, do mean the Braves are moving away from accommodating the average fan—and his or her family.

"We have one of the highest family percentages composing our ticket buyers of any professional sports team," Schiller said.  "We are very cognizant of that, and want to make sure that we have a number of different offerings for those types of fans that are looking for a very value-centric seat, or those fans that might be looking for something with a high amount of amenities." 

Schiller promised there will be no major ticket price increases in the next few years. 

"Our average ticket price will  grow modestly over the next couple of years," Schiller said.  "But we're not going to see some sort of sharp increases from one year to the next, or from Turner Field to the new ballpark."