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Closer Look: Emory University's President Reflects; And More

May 16, 2016

Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 00:00: Emory University President James Wagner reflects on his 13 years leading the university and his upcoming retirement;
  • 20:12: Bassist Jane Little, who joined the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in 1945, played with the group for 71 seasons, and died on Sunday, speaks with Gabbie Watts about her life as a musician;
  • 24:36: Greg Bluestein, political reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, talks about the new AJC poll on the general election, Gov. Deal and more;
  • 37:46: Candace Wheeler talks about a planned meeting between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Glenn Beck, the kidnapping of a baby bison in Yellowstone National Park, and a woman driving into Lake Huron in today’s Trending segment;
  • 43:02: Fulton County Chairman John Eaves evaluates the state of the county and discusses the future of transportation, cityhood movements and more;
  • 1:04:48: Kaye Lanning Minchew, author of "A President in Our Midst: Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Georgia," talks about her book, which details the former president's many trips to Georgia.