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Closer Look: Police Shootings On College Campuses; And More

Sep 19, 2017

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

  • 0:00: Last night a campus vigil for Georgia Tech student, Scout Schultz, turned into a protest. Over the weekend, Schultz was shot, and killed, by campus police. WABE’s Lisa Hagen covered last night’s vigil and speaks with Rose Scott.
  • 5:16: Also, the parents of Scout Schultz have publicly questioned the use of force by the officer who shot and killed their kid. A conversation with Marvin Reddick, who served 25 years in law enforcement, including 5 years as a detective at Georgia Tech, on why he believes policing procedures on college campuses need to change.
  • 21:03: Georgia State University is hosting the first-ever international Triple Negative Breast Cancer conference in Atlanta. It's an aggressive form of cancer that often returns even after treatment, and has a higher rate among African-American women. We learn more from Dr. Padmashree Rida, a senior research scientist at Georgia State University.
  • 38:16: Closer Look continues coverage of the shooting death of Georgia Tech student, Scout Schultz. As the investigation into Schultz's death gets underway, could the Georgia Tech officer who fatally shot the student face charges? WABE Legal analyst, Page Pate, weighs in.

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