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Closer Look: SoundTapp; Burrell Ellis' Return; And More

Dec 12, 2016

Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 0:00:  Dekalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester weighs in on what returning Dekalb County CEO Burrell Ellis can do with three weeks left in his term;
  • 5:28:  Alex Rice, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of HackerOne, talks about the possibility of an attempted hack on the state’s election system, and how often states ask the federal government about a hack;
  • 15:39:  Atlanta Police Department Sergeant F. Claxton and participant Latrice Garner talk about the Millennial Police Academy, and how it’s working to enhance relations between the police and the community;
  • 31:29:  Patrick Wright, instructor at High Meadows School, and students Kate Deskey and Abigail Peacock talk about the school’s iPad ensemble, SoundTapp, and how they come up with their creative tunes.

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