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Council Member: Proposed Tax Should Help Fund Public Safety

Feb 22, 2017

If there's a new proposed sales tax on the ballot in Atlanta this year, City Council member Felicia Moore wants to make sure some of the money goes to public safety.

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At the State of the City address last month, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed proposed a one-tenth of a penny sales tax specifically to fund the arts.  The tax could potentially raise $10 million-$15 million.

Moore says she's not against an arts tax. But she thinks public safety, like raises for law enforcement, could also use a funding boost. So she's drafted a resolution.

"My resolution just basically says that when that policy decision comes to us, that we make sure we have a discussion point to see if public safety is one of those allowable uses that we would like to have," Moore said.

Moore also said with the amount of funding the tax would raise, there would be enough money to fund both the arts and public safety.

"Mayor Kasim Reed believes the one-tenth percent sales tax should be fully and entirely dedicated to funding the arts in Atlanta," a spokesperson from the mayor's office said in an email. "A great city deserves great art, and there is a clear need for additional, dedicated funding for small and mid-sized arts organizations throughout the city." 

The email also pointed out that 52 percent of the city's annual budget goes to public safety.