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Councilman: Fort MacPherson, Tyler Perry Deal Good For Atlanta

Apr 23, 2015

Tyler Perry's film studio project at a vacant Army base in Atlanta is moving forward after a controversial Atlanta City Council vote. Councilman Alex Wan explains why it's a good deal for the city.
Credit Sgt. Michael Connors / Wikimedia

The Atlanta City Council approved a controversial measure worth $13 million this week to help filmmaker Tyler Perry buy most of Fort McPherson – a vacant, 488-acre former Army base in southwest Atlanta.

Perry, who plans to build a film studio on the site, would ultimately pay $30 million for 330 acres, with the city controlling 140 acres and eventually pocketing $4 million in the deal.

City Councilman Alex Wan says the risk of the city having to pay $13 million for Tyler Perry's film studio project at Fort McPherson is so low that Wan supported the controversial vote.
Credit Bruce Morton / Atlanta City Council Communications

"The city is on the hook for the $13 million in the event ... in the unlikely event, that the transaction doesn't go through," City Councilman Alex Wan explained on “A Closer Look.”

Atlanta Sen. Vincent Fort opposed the plan, contending the deal lacked transparency and community input.

The lone dissenting vote on the City Council, Councilwoman Felicia Moore, wanted more time to vet the deal.

Wan said that it would be very unlikely the city would ever have to pay the $13 million.

“While it does appear on the surface that there is inherent risk in the transaction, we were comfortable enough with the way [the $13 million measure] was structured and the way it was presented, that that’s very unlikely.”

Wan explained why in more detail and he discussed other issues important to his home district on “A Closer Look.”