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DeKalb CEO: Water Billing Crisis Not An Easy Fix

Feb 23, 2017

Progress is slow on solving DeKalb County's water billing problem, and CEO Mike Thurmond admits it is not an easy fix.

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For the last several months, some DeKalb residents have seen a water bill in the thousands of dollars while some haven't seen a bill at all.

Thurmond says those who still haven't gotten a water bill may start to see one within the next 30 days.

For now, that bill will only include charges from this year. Thurmond says the county's still deciding what to do about last year's bills that never got sent.

"One of the things I had to do was look at this as a virus," he says. "And so those bills have been quarantined until we can at least get an understanding as to what caused the exceptions. And more importantly, how to correct them."

The county is also extending its current moratorium on cutting off resident's water service at least through March.