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DeKalb Commissioner Proposes New City Of Prosperity

Jan 10, 2017

A DeKalb County commissioner has kicked off the new year by proposing another new city.

The city of Prosperity would include Panthersville, Ellenwood, Glenwood and more neighborhoods within DeKalb's 3rd District, in the southern part of the county. Commissioner Larry Johnson represents the area and announced the proposed city at a public meeting Tuesday.

"If people keep taking all of our valuable pieces of land – the cities – they'll be nothing left for us to make sure that we have and then our taxes will go up with nothing to protect us," Johnson said.

Asked if forming another city in DeKalb wouldn't further weaken the county, Johnson responded that "Other cities have been formed in DeKalb County and they're all still part of DeKalb County – so we wouldn't lose anything from one DeKalb. It's just that now we'd be able to have government closer to the people.”

He said security and police pay would be priorities in the proposed city.

"I mean, some areas I have, they deserve to have police officers roaming the area instead of waiting for someone to come," Johnson said.

The area overlaps the map for another proposed city, Greenhaven, which has failed to get approval from the state Legislature. Johnson did not name a legislative sponsor for Prosperity or a timeframe for moving forward.

The idea of the city of Prosperity was raised once before about three years ago.

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