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DeKalb Commissioners Await Ellis' Return As County CEO

Dec 13, 2016

There was no sign of newly reinstated DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis Tuesday at the last county commission meeting of the year.

Ellis has less than three weeks remaining before the county transitions to a new CEO. Some commissioners remain unclear about what Ellis can accomplish in that time.

"I don't frankly know at all what he'll do, because he's autonomous in that regard," said Commissioner Jeff Rader outside the meeting.

Commissioner Kathie Gannon said she's not expecting Ellis' return to disrupt the board's work.

"We do what we do. We're the legislative body. That's part of the executive," she said. "So I imagine he will meet with his assistant and figure out if there's any significant impact he can make during the next three weeks.

"It's not really a transition I don't think, it's really a sort of holding pattern. That's where we were anyway." 

Ellis got his job back late Monday, two weeks after the Georgia Supreme Court announced it had reversed his conviction on corruption charges.

He'd been suspended from office more than three years, through two trials, one conviction and eight months in prison.

It's unclear if Ellis will face yet another retrial under a new DeKalb district attorney. While campaigning, DA-elect Sheri Boston criticized the current DA, Robert James, for trying Ellis a second time.

Ellis is expected to return to work Wednesday.

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