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DeKalb County To Start Recycling Glass Again

Jul 6, 2017

Starting July 17, DeKalb County is opening 16 stations where you can drop off glass to be recycled.

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For more than a year now, unless DeKalb residents have taken recyclable glass to one of four sites, any glass that's gone in a curbside bin has gone to the landfill.

Pratt Industries, the county's recycling company, stopped recycling glass in the past couple years even though its continued to accept it for curbside pickup. The county offered four sites – although only one was county-owned – for residents to recycle glass while it worked on a new glass recycling program.

Pauline Andrea, a spokeswoman with DeKalb's sanitation division, said Pratt Industries will continue to pick up curbside recycling. But Andrea said Strategic Materials Incorporated will be responsible for the county's glass.

"We're doing this now to join this nationwide trend of trying to not only preserve glass as a valuable recycling material but also to preserve the other recyclable materials like paper, plastics, etc.," Andrea said.

The 16 drop-off locations include many DeKalb libraries and parks, the Seminole Landfill and the Target parking lot in the Edgewood shopping center. The full list is online at