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DeKalb County's Water Billing Crisis Can Affect Home Sales

Jul 5, 2017

It's a seller's market right now for residential real estate in metro Atlanta. But some DeKalb County homeowners face an extra hurdle if they put their houses up for sale.

For almost two years DeKalb County has been in a water billing crisis. Some residents have gotten water bills in the thousands of dollars while others haven't gotten a water bill in the past several months.

Peggy Hibbert, a DeKalb real estate agent, said unpaid water bills effectively put a lien on homes, which means there can't be a transfer of ownership.

"You can't hold up someone selling their house over a water bill," she said. "So it puts the county in a position to pursue the investigation on that particular house quickly so it can be resolved."

Hibbert says she's had a couple of clients in the past two years who were dealing with the water billing issue while trying to sell their homes. She says the real estate closing attorneys worked with the county to resolve the issue so that the sales could go through.