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DeKalb’s Brannon Hill Residents Face Run-Down Conditions

Apr 7, 2016

The name Brannon Hill Condominiums has a nice ring to it -- a name that might suggest pristine landscaping, a grilling area and maybe a playground for kids.

In fact, the development east of Interstate-285 in DeKalb County just off Memorial Drive has a play area, but it’s overgrown with weeds. 

Parts of Brannon Hill look like a landfill -- the final resting place for broken toilets, tattered sofas, busted TVs and soiled mattresses.

Parts look like the complex has just caught fire, but the bulldozers have yet to arrive to tear down the charred building's remains.

And other parts look like what you’d see in the aftermath of a tornado.

But Brannon Hill didn't get this way because of a natural disaster. 

So how did it happen?

Why do some residents find themselves victims of rental scams, deplorable living conditions and unscrupulous landlords, while others say living in Brannon Hill is not bad at all?

The "Closer Look" team recently visited Brannon Hill Condominiums to try to find answers to these -- and other -- questions. 

In this special three-part report, host Rose Scott spoke with two residents, each with a different experience and opinion about their landlords. Host Jim Burress walked the grounds with DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester, who sees the problems partly as failures of government.

But how to fix it remains a complex, perhaps unanswerable question.