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'Granddaddy Of The Jam Scene' Col. Bruce Hampton Turns 70

May 1, 2017

Atlanta musician Colonel Bruce Hampton turned 70 over the weekend, and he is celebrating tonight at the Fox Theatre with a concert.

Hampton will be joined by a long list of notable Georgia musicians, including members of the Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic and REM. Members of Phish and actor Billy Bob Thornton will also make an appearance. And they will all be engaged in the art of the jam.

“It requires a lot of listening and sensitivity,” Hampton said in an interview with WABE’s Lois Reitzes. “You have to anticipate the moment. It’s like a fast break with a basketball team.”

From his 53 year career, Hampton has been dubbed “the granddaddy of the jam scene” and has become known as a “surrealist” musician. Hampton’s surrealist world is called Zambiland.

“It’s our absurd religion. It’s basically built on nonsense,” he explained. “It’s creative processing. One and one is two, but what’s one?”

Hampton’s 70th Birthday show is tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Fox Theatre. The party continues at Terminal West at 11 p.m.