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Insurance Tips Offered for Georgia Storm Victims

Jan 31, 2013

The storm system is gone, but the damage remains.

State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens  says tornado victims need to contact their insurance companies immediately.

"The second thing they need to do is, if their roof has been compromised, get a tarp and cover it.  More rain showers will be coming in and you need to get that roof covered, so you don't have more damage from rains coming in."

Homeowners must also be cautious about phony contractors who often appear during times of crisis.

"The come in, they tell you want they can do to repair your damage.  But they want the money up front and often you get very, very shoddy work or you get no work at all and they just leave with your money," says Hudgens.

A state of emergency is in effect for Bartow and Gordon counties, the two spots hit hardest by Wednesday's harsh weather.  Governor Nathan Deal says roughly 100-homes were damaged from the storm.

Bartow County Coroner Joel Guyton confirmed 51-year-old Anthony Raines, of Adairsville, was killed when a tree toppled over and crushed his house.