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'Legacy' Artist Kenny Leon Offers Wisdom To Emerging Voices

Apr 17, 2017

Earlier this year, ArtsATL columnist Gail O'Neill launched a 12-part series recognizing the artists elevating our city's arts and culture landscape. It's called the Legacy Series, and the latest profile is of True Colors Theatre Company co-founder and artistic director Kenny Leon.

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In collaboration with ArtsATL, WABE is pairing these "Legacy" artists with emerging artists in the same field. We matched Leon with Paul Conroy, a young artist establishing his own theater company with a mission of offering diverse voices on stage – it’s a mission parallel to Leon’s theater, which he co-founded in 2002.

Out Front Theatre is wrapping up its first season, and already generating unwanted attention. Leon and Conroy discussed the financial and artistic challenges a young theater company faces. You can listen to the full conversation, as well as the segment broadcast on “City Lights,” in the audio files posted above.