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MINT Gallery’s Creative Director Resigns During Rebranding

Feb 2, 2017

The art organization MINT is going through a lot of changes. The gallery recently announced that their creative director, Candice Greathouse, has resigned. 

This follows their announcement in April 2016 that they were moving out of their gallery space on North Highland. MINT has since been setting up exhibitions in temporary spaces. 

Greathouse became MINT's full-time creative director in 2014 after serving as interim operations manager. 

"[Greathouse] really stepped up MINT's game," says Executive Director Erica Jamison. "She lent more professionalism to our exhibitions. She was able to be fully invested in the organization full-time."

Jamison cites Greathouse's work developing their mentorship program, Leap Year, and working closely with its artists as significant to their work in Atlanta's arts community. 

MINT is heading into their 11th year and are currently working on a rebranding effort which Jamison says may shift the focus of the organization from gallery shows to other work. She says that Greathouse's decision to leave to focus on her own artistic practice was partly due to this refocusing.

"As these conversations evolved," Jamison says, "Candice realized that her passion for MINT and where MINT was heading did not align as much."

While the organization is in flux, Jamison is adamant that MINT is here to stay and is as committed to Atlanta's arts community as ever. 

"We are deeply invested in Atlanta, we want to make Atlanta a destination for the arts," she says. "We deeply value everything that Candice brought to the table, we wish her the best of luck with everything in the future."

"We think [Greathouse] helped poise MINT for this next step," Jamison concludes. 

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