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Netroots Attendees Protest Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers In Atlanta

Aug 14, 2017

This weekend, about 150 abortion rights demonstrators gathered in downtown Atlanta to protest pregnancy centers that discourage people from following through with their abortion plans.

They marched Saturday afternoon to the Cura Women’s Care Clinic.

Protest organizer Erin Matson said the facility discourage peoples from getting abortions and uses inaccurate information to do so.

“This CURA fake clinic, up here on the 16th floor, is misleading people with a website that makes it look like they offer abortion care,” she said. “And so the first step is just getting the word out. People don’t know what’s happening in these places.”

Crisis pregnancy centers like Cura are facilities that may provide services like ultrasounds or adoption help for pregnant clients.

Many of the protesters were in town for Netroots, an annual progressive gathering that drew an estimated 3,000 attendees in Atlanta.

Across the street from the conference, Colleen Sullivan Delima had a rosary wrapped around her right hand. She and a group of about 20 people quietly held anti-abortion signs on the sidewalk.

“We know the pregnancy centers around here, the ones that we call pro-life and we share the message of the sanctity of human life and preparing human life,” Delima said.

Human Coalition, the company that runs the Cura clinics, said in a statement, their professional standards are reflected in “the hundreds of children being born who would otherwise have been aborted.”

There are more than 70 anti-abortion pregnancy centers in Georgia. A law went into effect last year authorizing them to apply for state funded grants.