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Online Shopping Helping Retailers

Atlanta, Ga. – A new survey, by the Internet division of the National Retail Federation, says this holiday season has been full of good cheer for online retailers - as more and more consumers make their purchases via computer.

According to the report, more than half of the online retailers surveyed have had sales increases of 25-percent or more, so far this holiday season.

Scott Silverman, executive director of, says consumers in cities like Atlanta - which has one of the fastest growing populations of Internet users in the country, are benefiting from the online shopping increase.

But he says it also helps people who live well outside the city limits.

&#147Generally we've found that, in populations where there's a higher prevalence of people being online and the Internet playing a stronger role in their lives, that you're going to see more shopping online,&#148 he says. &#147But for people in rural areas, they really have an opportunity to easily shop at stores that aren't accessible to them otherwise.&#148

While people cite the convenience and availability of shopping online, the survey says the Internet is also being used as a research tool by consumers - for items they plan to purchase in actual stores.