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Pearl Cleage Brings ‘Grandmother Gathering' To Atlanta

Sep 8, 2016

Many years ago, local celebrated playwright Pearl Cleage entered Charis Books & More and picked up a book seemingly for children, but within its pages were powerful messages of love and peace.

“The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering: A Story for Anyone Who Thinks She Can't Save the World” by Sharon Mehdi explores what would happen in grandmothers all over the world stopped, gathered and stood for peace.  

“And the book goes through what happens if grandmothers actually did that. And by the end of the book, all over the world, grandmothers are standing for peace. And there’s no violence anywhere in the world,” said Cleage in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “That really appealed to me.”

At the time, Cleage was not a grandmother, but now, with grandchildren of her own, she decided to present the book as a performance.

“I’m very much aware of what kind world I am leaving for them, what kind of world we have put in place for them,” said Cleage. “And I wanted to have moment where grandmothers can stand up and say 'One thing we hope to do for our grandchildren is to make peace in the world.'”

Cleage will be joined by an all-Atlanta cast of grandmothers for "The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering" this Sunday, Sept. 11, which also marks this years’ National Grandparents day. That is at the Sifly Piazza at the Woodruff Arts Center at 3:30 p.m.