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Photographer Documents Abandoned Buildings Around Southeast

Jun 22, 2016

There is an abandoned Tiki-inspired paradise hidden in the hills of Tennessee. The mansion comes complete with an indoor pool and leopard print furniture.

This is just one set of photos on Abandoned Southeast, run by Leland, a Florida-based photographer. He’s asked to use only his first name beucase his photography sometimes requires trespassing.

Leland documents abandoned spaces. He's posted about a dozen sets of photos on his site, including some historical tidbits about the places, ranging from a high school built on a landfill to a ship.

This guerilla photographer is part of a subculture of urban explorers, interested in exploring the abandoned past. They follow the rule "leave only footprints."

"We don't take anything, we don't break anything," he said. "If I go somewhere, there'll be no sign that I was ever there."

Since its launch, Abandoned Southeast has received over 70,000 views. Leland hypothesized why the site has become so popular:

"People like those stories of death, decay and the forgotten."