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Photography Curator Shows Iran Beyond Its Politics

Oct 10, 2016

When we think of Iran today, we might think about the nuclear deal or hostage crisis. We think less of its poetry, its art and its breathtaking landscapes.

MaryAm Ghadiri is Iranian. She arrived in the United States a few years ago to pursue a masters' at Purdue University in Indiana. She discovered that when she introduced herself as Iranian, more often than not, people were totally ignorance of her country beyond its politics.

Ghadiri attributed that to media.

“In general, it’s very difficult to cover all the dimensions of a culture and a nation, and that happens for many nationalities,” she said.

She decided to curate a photo exhibit at Purdue, something she had never done before, focusing on culture, architecture and geography. The exhibit is appropriately called "Iran Beyond Politics" and is currently on display at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

As a former freelance environmental journalist, Ghadiri culled photos from several Iranian photographers and Iran’s prominent nature magazine. She hopes the exhibit humanizes Iran.

“All the citizens all over the world, we’re all similar with similar hopes,” said Ghadiri. “I hope the exhibit makes people think and be motivated to ask questions about our history, about our culture.”

"Iran Beyond Politics: Natural, Cultural and Anthropogenic” is on display at the Art Institute of Atlanta through Nov. 13.

Tomorrow, The Art Institute will host a lecture on Iran’s people and culture by Emory University's Dr. Hossein Samei from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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