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Political Breakfast: Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails, Healthcare and More

Jul 13, 2017

Forget the old idea of summer doldrums in Washington.  In fact, forget the idea of a long summer recess.  Georgians were in the middle of a July frenzy in the nation’s capital:  from the continuing Republican effort to replace the Affordable Care Act, to the battle over Donald Trump Jr.’s emails.  That series of messages revealed Trump Jr. had been told a Russian lawyer with whom he had scheduled a meeting was part of a Russian effort to discredit Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

On "Morning Edition," Denis O’Hayer got some perspective on all of it from Political Breakfast contributors Tharon Johnson and Brian Robinson.  Johnson is a Democratic strategist and former national southern regional director of the Obama 2012 campaign.  Robinson is a Republican strategist and former deputy chief of staff and communications director for Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

(Note:  The expanded version also includes thoughts on the scramble for campaign money among the crowded field in the Atlanta mayoral election, and Christopher Wray’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Wray is the Atlanta lawyer and former Atlanta federal prosecutor who is the Trump administration’s choice to succeed James Comey as FBI director.)