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Protesters At Atlanta Airport Denounce Trump Immigration Order

Jan 29, 2017

A few thousand people crowded outside the Atlanta airport Sunday to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration order. They packed onto the sidewalks and some of the lanes outside the airport’s south terminal with drums, megaphones and a lot of signs.

Clarence Alston’s sign was nearly wordless, but captured his general dismay about Trump’s presidency.

“My sign says, ‘Nah Bruh, NOPE.’ Because it captures what I can’t put into a more eloquent phrase,” he said.

The event, called "A Stand for Refugees and Immigrants" on Facebook, was organized in response to the executive action, signed Friday, and the detainment Saturday of at least 11 people at the airport.

For many of the people there, it was their first time protesting. Including for Muna Ainashe, her husband, and their five kids.

“If you don’t stand up for something, you have no backbone, anything that comes your way will hit you,” she said.

She’s originally from Kenya. Her husband, Dalmar Ainashe, is from Somalia, and he loves America.

“It’s the greatest nation on the face of the earth,” he said.

The protest stayed loud, boisterous, and peaceful for about four hours. It joined similar events at airports and in cities around the country against the travel ban.

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