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Sen. Isakson Backs Away From Donald Trump’s Controversy

Aug 12, 2016

Republican incumbent Sen. Johnny Isakson Thursday distanced himself further from his party’s nominee Donald Trump who continues to hover in controversy.

Since before Trump won the Republican nomination, Isakson has had a go-to line, and he repeated it to the Roswell Rotary Club after a question came to him from the audience about the presidential race.

“The first person I’m interested in is me. I’m not an egotistical person, but I enjoy my employment,” said Isakson.

The two-term senator has mostly dodged the controversy around Trump with less than direct answers to questions from reporters. 

But Thursday Isakson took a different approach, putting up a wall between himself and Trump, even though the names of the two men will be right next to each other on Georgia’s November ballot. 

“Let’s just draw the line right here, I'm gonna apologize anytime I do something stupid, and I'm going to be responsible for my actions. I'm not gonna assume responsibility for someone else's,” Isakson told reporters in response to a question about Trump.

Isakson told the Rotary Club it's important the party is united, but he'll worry about other Republicans once he's re-elected.

He shrugged off concerns about an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll that shows him leading his Democratic opponent Jim Barksdale by just single digits.

“I know there are a lot of people trying to make Georgia purple, but they tried that two years ago in the governor's race and the Senate race and it proved to be wrong,” said Isakson, “I think it will be the same thing this year too, but we'll have to wait until the election to see for sure. I take nothing for granted.”