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Some LaVista Hills Residents Want To Join City Of Chamblee

Feb 3, 2016

People who tried to create the city of LaVista Hills in DeKalb County lost the vote in November, but some of them have a new idea: join an existing city.

Ben Shackleford wants to see the city of Chamblee annex parts of his neighborhood, which was in the LaVista Hills map.

"Efforts to repair DeKalb are probably going to stretch way past my lifetime," Shackleford said. "And I think people are interested in seeing some responsive public service, some lower response times, lower 9-1-1 dispatch times, road maintenance. We don't see that happening in that future without higher degree of local control."

Shackleford said an online survey has gotten mostly positive responses in favor of the idea.

"Preliminary discussions with Chamblee city leaders indicate they are willing to annex, should we choose, the areas that voted for cityhood in November," Shackleford said. "To keep this opportunity open we need to move quickly to ensure we have an opportunity to discuss and decide before the loss of commercial property makes annexation impossible."

City of Chamblee officials confirmed they were open to discussing the idea. 

"I am open to having dialogue with any group of citizens wishing to annex into the city," Chamblee Mayor Pro Tem Brian Mock said. "We are not seeking out areas to annex. However, if there is consensus among residents in the unincorporated area, we would certainly be willing to sit down and talk about it."  

Chamblee Councilman Thomas Hogan said he was also willing to consider a proposal.