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Songwriter Lilly Hiatt Goes Home With Album 'Trinity Lane'

Sep 21, 2017

There is a line in one of Lilly Hiatt's songs that goes: "I knew what I was doing was bad for me / I couldn't be the kind of person that I wanted to be."

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That song is called "I Wanna Go Home," and that theme of self-realization and healing and of home permeates her new record "Trinity Lane," named after her street. If her name sounds familiar, you probably know her dad, songwriter John Hiatt.

Lilly says writing this album was an isolated time for her.

“It was a good thing. That’s something I tend to do when I’m getting creative,” she says, “I kind of pull back a little bit and shut some stuff out so I can go inward a little more and process the stuff I’ve been observing or feeling.”

That process led to a record full of sharp self-observation.

The title song deals directly with Hiatt’s challenges with staying sober, and the specter of failed relationships looms large in many of the songs.

“Taking responsibility for some of your own baggage is a big deal, and it’s part of growing up,” she says, “and it makes it easier to write an honest song.”

“Trinity Lane” is out now on New West Records. Lilly Hiatt performs at Smith’s Olde Bar on Thursday.