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State denies KKK application to "adopt a highway"

Jun 12, 2012

The Georgia Department of Transportation has denied an application filed by a North Georgia Ku Klux Klan chapter to participate in the state’s adopt a highway program.

The International Keystone Knights applied in May to clean up a portion of state route 515 near the North Carolina border.

On Tuesday, State Transportation Commissioner Keith Golden sent the organization a letter denying their application. In the letter, the state says the KKK has a long rooted history of civil disturbance, and putting a sign with the organization’s name on it would cause “significant public concern.”

The letter says those concerns include: "safety of the travelling public, potential social unrest and driver distraction."

Golden goes onto to say approving the KKK’s application would undermine the goal of the program, which he says is to allow civic minded organizations to participate in public service.

A spokesman for the International Keystone Knights declined comment on the denial, but says the organization is reviewing its options. In previous media interviews, group members claimed they were not applying for the program for publicity but to clean up trash.

View GDOT's response here.