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State Lawmaker Explains House Abortion Bill

Atlanta, GA – It's clearer now...why a controversial abortion bill was sent back to the judiciary committee last week. Usually that means a bill is finished.
However sponsors say, the bill will come back after specific changes are made.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

There were concerns about the language of the bill and areas that need technical clarification that's according to state representative Barry Loudermilk.
For example, the term coercion and some things like that to needed to be further clarified and we are working on how to do that.

Coercion refers to the part of the bill that would make it a crime if a woman is targeted for an abortion based on her race or the baby's.
Loudermilk admits proving coercion would be a challenge and that portion of the bill needed reworking.

Loudermilk says it would basically have to be that is clearly the reason even though they didn't want to.

Once the bill is re-written, the judiciary committee has to vote on it again.
That raises the possibility the bill may not complete the process before the session ends.