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State Lawmakers Study Keeping Military Bases In Georgia Open

Aug 30, 2016

Georgia lawmakers are traveling around the state, visiting military bases. Their goal is to make sure the bases here are in good shape, so that if more bases around the country are closed, Georgia's remain open.

The federal government has closed bases in the state recently. About ten years ago, Georgia lost a few, including Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem in the Atlanta area.

State Rep. Dave Belton wants to make sure that won't happen again, since the military is a huge employer in the state. He said he thinks the state can help keep its bases off future closure lists by doing things like improving infrastructure around them, and also making sure the schools are good, for service members' children.

“Every single base we've gone to says one of the biggest issues is schools,” Belton said. “So by improving our schools, not only do we help our children, but we're also helping our bases survive.”

A study committee, headed by Belton, visited Albany and Columbus earlier this week.

There are nine active military bases in Georgia.