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Stonecrest Hires Company To Manage City’s Operations

Jun 22, 2017

The new city of Stonecrest, in southeast DeKalb County, has hired a private company to run most of the city's operations. The Stonecrest City Council has approved a contract with CH2M to handle most municipal departments including parks and recreation, finance and information technology.

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The cost for the rest of this year: $1.7 million. That's more than half of Stonecrest's projected annual revenue of $3 million. But Mayor Jason Lary is confident there will be enough money.

"I think the numbers add up just fine,” Lary said.

One council member, Jazzmin Cobble, voted against the deal.

"So I just really felt like the cost was way too aggressive,” Cobble said.

Lary says DeKalb County will continue to handle fire, rescue and sanitation services. But Cobble is suggesting property taxes should be raised by one mill.

“With that kind of tight budget, it just doesn't make fiscal sense to me to not have a buffer,” Cobble said. 

Lary does not support a tax hike.

“I'm not open to that," he said. "We promised people that we would not raise taxes, and I'm going to stay with that."

The current year's deal is part of a five-year contract between Stonecrest and CH2M at a total cost of $16.2 million.