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Success Through Diversity At The Rialto

Jan 16, 2015

We've asked the leaders of major Atlanta arts organizations to come in and share their thoughts with us for a mini-series we're calling "Arts 2015." The local luminaries shared with us their reflections and forecasts on their particular fields and the unique challenges and benefits of being a leader of the arts in Atlanta.

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One of those leaders is Leslie Gordon, director of the Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University. In her ten-plus years at the helm, Gordon has transformed the landscape of the downtown theater. 

Host Lois Reitzes began their conversation by asking how Gordon's task of drawing audiences to the Rialto Center has changed over the years. 

In the second part of her conversation with Leslie Gordon, Reitzes and Gordon discuss the evolving nature of technology in theater and what's next for the Rialto.