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Theatre Emory Creates Frankenstein's Monster Of A Show With "Midnight Pillow"

Sep 19, 2017

Theatre Emory is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s foundational horror novel, “Frankenstein.” And Atlanta actor and director Park Krausen has created a sort of Frankenstein’s monster of her own with the show “Midnight Pillow,” which is inspired by Shelley and features the work of 13 writers from all around the world.

Krausen says she was more interested in Shelley as a person and as a woman working in an era when women were not often recognized. The prompt and title for the show come from a quote from the author describing her monster as “the spectre which had haunted my midnight pillow.”

“What followed was this question: what happens when one is in the act of creation?” Krausen says, “What keeps us up at night? What happens in that liminal space between dreams and consciousness?”

The director commissioned short works from women writers based on that quote and a series of obstructions (such as how many performers to use and phrases or props to incorporate in the work). Atlanta-born playwright Lauren Gunderson and Alliance Theatre Kendeda Award-winner Madhuri Shekar are among those with work in the show.

Theatre Emory’s production of “Midnight Pillow,” directed by Park Krausen, runs Sept. 21-23 and the 27th through the 30th in the Schwartz Center’s Theatre Lab.