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'Wait Wait's' Faith Salie Praises Seeking 'Approval'

May 27, 2016

A line in the opening paragraph of Faith Salie's new book, "Approval Junkie", reads "I'm wary of total self-acceptance. I'd rather fail dramatically than risk complacency."

Salie, who is a regular panelist on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" as well as host of "Science Goes to the Movies" on PBS, subtitled the book "Adventures in Caring Too Much." In it, she tells stories about her overachieving childhood, her failed marriage, the saving grace of public radio and many other things she cares very much about, all building a case that seeking approval can actually be a good and healthy thing.

"In my experience," she says, "seeking approval for reasons of inspiring myself ... seeking approval from colleagues whom I admire ... those things have never disserved me."

"Approval Junkie" is available now through Crown Publishing.