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Atlanta, GA – It's clearer now...why a controversial abortion bill was sent back to the judiciary committee last week. Usually that means a bill is finished.
However sponsors say, the bill will come back after specific changes are made.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

Atlanta, GA – Presidents of eight Historically Black Colleges and universities are gathering in Atlanta for a two day forum on advancing education for African American students.
WABE's Rose Scott reports, the group called the Interlink Alliance will focus on sharing strategies in teaching.

Atlanta, GA – The Governor's Office of Student Achievement looked at results from both middle and elementary CRCT tests from the spring of 2009.

It found 10 percent of the schools had an unusual amount of erasures changing wrong answers to correct ones.

Atlanta, GA – It's called settlement week.
It offers non-custodial parents the opportunity to pay past due child support payments or make further arrangements.
Keith Horton is the state's child services director:

((we wanted to ensure that these families had everything they need during this economic downturn and especially during the holiday season ))

Besides making payments, Horton says the department will also offer assistance for those unemployed.