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Atlanta, GA – Chambliss also disputed Johnson's estimate that there are more than 40 million uninsured Americans. Chambliss estimated more than half either have insurance available, and decline coverage or are in the country illegally. He said that leaves about 14 million Americans lacking coverage.

Chambliss told W-A-B-E's Denis O'Hayer Democrats and Republicans will both have to make concessions to get a bill passed this year.

Atlanta, GA – Earlier this month, DeKalb County Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson told W-A-B-E's Denis O'Hayer he would insist on the government option and if it weren't in the plan, that would be what he called a "deal breaker" for him.

Today August 17th, Johnson tells Denis O'Hayer his insistence on a public option has only strengthened, despite the new flexibility from the White House.

Atlanta, GA – Last time on All Things Considered, Governor Riley gave Alabama's political view. We hear from Alabama's legal case from its lead counsel in the lawsuit, Matt Lembke.

He argued Georgia has no chance on appeal, because the judge found a clear violation of the Federal Water Supply Act. But Lembke added Alabama still has an incentive to negotiate because Atlanta's future is vital to the entire Southeast.

Atlanta, GA – The battle over the F-22 fighter jet should resume in the U.S Senate this week. The jet is made at Lockheed's plant in Marietta. The Senate will voted on an amendment to the defense spending bill..which would end production of any new jets. WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, who is leading the fight to expand the F-22 program. Chambliss says he expects a close vote across party lines.

Atlanta, GA – Republican GA. Senator Johnny Isakson is calling for a basic medical insurance plan for everyone which patients could pay for with tax credits or vouchers. He opposes the government as a provider. Dr. Daniel Blumenthal wants to make the government the single provider for most. He's a professor of Community Health and Preventive Medicine at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Speaking for himself, he believes that a single payer system, with Medicare covering everyone would be more efficient.