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Atlanta Sounds debuted on September 10, 2007 and is designed to show the texture of Atlanta. The stories are portraits, oral histories, anecdotes, memories and fragments of life overheard. All told by those who live, work, and visit metro Atlanta.


Atlanta Sounds: A Worldy Education In Chocolate

Jun 15, 2015
Eric Durban / WABE

Life's passions and interests can strike us when we least expect it. 

For Afsaneh Ferdowsi Milani, it was as a graduate student in Florence, Italy. She needed a job and found one at a nearby gelato shop. It was there that she began to appreciate the depth and richness of chocolate. Milani found herself seeking out information in order to become better-versed in the dark stuff. 

Stephannie Stokes / WABE

There are plenty of collectors out there ─ people who fixate on or fall in love with an object of some kind.  For kids, it could be a rock collection. Adults might be more into vinyl records or maybe stamps.

But Marietta resident Jay Williams is different. OK, he is a collector, but his fascination is with typewriters.  

It's a fascination that started when he took his first typing class.  That's when Williams, who has been blind since birth, says he learned that typewriters could be his way to communicate with the sighted world. 

Bob Jamerson, also known as Baton Bob, in Buckhead.
Alison Guillory / WABE

You’ll know Bob Jamerson when you see him. He can sometimes be seen twirling a baton, whistling and marching through the streets of Atlanta in a pink tutu. He's also known as "Baton Bob."

But what you may not know is that Baton Bob was born out of a tragedy and debuted first in St. Louis, just after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

That's when he was furloughed from his job as a flight attendant and was looking for something to cheer himself up. He noticed his costumes and twirling routines were making others smile as well.

Stephannie Stokes / WABE

Buckhead resident Lisa Frank has lined the walls of her home with art. It’s art with a special meaning – it was all created by her late mother, Shirlee Frank.

Since Shirlee passed away, Lisa has become determined to share her mother’s vast body of work – including watercolors, etchings and, in particular, her intricately designed ceramic whistles.

It’s something Frank was unable to do while her mom was alive, as she tells us in this Atlanta Sounds. 

Vishal Vaid

Love is the predominant subject for a form of poetry known as ghazal. And it was the love of Vishal Vaid's musical parents that opened him up to this classical art form. 

With roots in ancient Arabia, ghazal is traditionally sang in languages that would prove foreign to many Americans, such as Farsi, Urdu or Hindi.