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"City Lights" explores the ways in which people express themselves creatively and enhance our lives.

In addition to a wide range of music, "City Lights" covers theater, dance, pop culture, visual arts and more. WABE has long been a partner with many organizations in Atlanta and through "City Lights" we're deepening those relationships to serve our community with even greater arts and cultural content. 

Hit Those Chickens

Jan 22, 2015

This is an installment of our occasional series, “Storytellers” – short stories, essays, and poems from metro Atlantans.

In this installment, we have a story of love. Sometimes, romantic dreams serve us well. But sometimes, we need to leave them behind in order to move on with life. Storyteller Shannon Turner picks it up from there.

In 2013, Buffalo Mountain United Methodist Camp -- the camp that Shannon Turner describes in her story -- was nearly devastated by a flash flood.

Stephannie Stokes/WABE

It’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of the past along Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue. Historic, and sometimes crumbling, buildings still stand from the early 1900s, when the street was a thriving African-American commercial district.

But recently, some have discovered a different kind of history on display in the neighborhood ─ a nearly century-old advertisement, uncovered by the 2008 tornado ─ and it’s serving as a grisly reminder of how African-Americans were once treated outside the Sweet Auburn community.

Then A Tornado Came Along…

Evan Agostini / Invision/AP

Think back to life before the web, when people wrote letters, and bought tickets from a person behind a window-to see a Picasso, you might have to go to the library or hop on a plane. Never in human history has the way we share information been so dramatically altered in such a short time, so we’re asking leaders in the arts community how they’ve adjusted to the times.

Gaia's #ifTheyGunnedMeDown mural at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.
Jason Parker / WABE

Street artist Gaia was identified by Forbes magazine in the 2015 "30 under 30" list of arts leaders. He recently completed a large mural at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta Opera Brings New Interpretations, Technology To Stage

Jan 16, 2015
Atlanta Opera

We've asked the leaders of major Atlanta arts organizations to come in and share their thoughts with us for a mini-series we're calling "Arts 2015." The local luminaries shared with us their reflections and forecasts on their particular fields and the unique challenges and benefits of being a leader of the arts in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Opera is one of these major organizations. The Opera was founded in 1979, and it produces main stage opera productions and arts education programs.