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7 Stages Explores Recent History In 'Bengal Tiger'

Sep 14, 2017
Stungun Photography

7 Stages takes its audiences into the heart of Baghdad in its upcoming production.

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Set in 2003, “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” follows characters both dead and alive, from U.S. marines and Saddam Hussein’s son Uday Hussein to, indeed, a tiger as they navigate the war-torn streets of Baghdad.

Courtesy of the artist

Brad Zimmerman received quite a compliment from legendary comic Joan Rivers: He’s the best comic . . . in his price range.

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Perhaps Rivers would have given him higher praise for his finesse not as a comic or an actor, but as a waiter.

Stungun Photography

We often hear about actors transforming themselves to play a role. What happens when the role transforms the actor? That is Tara Ochs’ story.

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Courtesy of 7 Stages

Gentrification is at the center of “Sea of Common Catastrophe,” a meditative piece that combines theater, music and dance. It was developed by multidisciplinary company ArtSpot, which is based in New Orleans.  

“Our work does not begin with a script,” said ArtSpot Artistic Director Kathy Randels in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “We start with an idea we want to explore …We, on some level, play in the sandbox for a year and then share our experiments.”

Jeff Shipman

"Le Petit Prince" is an iconic book. From its illustrations to its cast of characters, the Prince teaches lessons of friendship, growing up, dreams and how to see with the heart.

And there's no better theater company to present "The Little Prince" than the Theater of the Dream, or Théâtre du Rêve, Atlanta's own francophone theater company.