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'This American Life' Delves Into Georgia’s Amendment 3

Oct 26, 2016
Georgia Supreme Court building
Nick Nesmith / WABE

Editor's note: The audio on this post contains language not suitable for all ages.

Georgia voters will decide on Nov. 8 whether they want to change the makeup of the Judicial Qualifications Commission,  the agency that investigates ethics complaints against Georgia judges.

State lawmakers would get to appoint the majority of the seven-member board if the amendment passes. Currently, they appoint none. The board members serving now were appointed by the State Bar Association, the state Supreme Court and the governor. 

Moshe Shair

In the surreal short stories of Etgar Keret, a man’s lies might come to life in a dreamlike world. Or a stranger might knock on your door, hold you at gunpoint, and refuse to leave until you've told him a story.

Seth Lind, who works with the radio program This American Life, and the podcast Serial, brings Cast Party, a celebration of five different podcasts, to theaters around the nation on Tuesday, July 28.
Courtesy of Seth Lind

It’s likely, if you’re reading this, that you have a favorite podcast or two. Few can dispute that the podcast is experiencing a big cultural moment. Last month, President Barack Obama chose to be interviewed on comedian Marc Maron’s popular podcast, and last year, the podcast "Serial" hit some 40 million downloads around the world.