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Jessica Booth became the Georgia Department of Education first fine arts program specialist in 20 years.

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Myke Johns / WABE

It’s Saturday morning in northwest Atlanta, and I’m standing in a warehouse with a middle school art teacher admiring the aesthetic qualities of a loading pallet.

“You see that pallet?” Cherokee County teacher Catherine Woodruff asks, pointing across the room, “It looks like an art piece all by itself.”

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure … or in this case, another person’s art supplies. This past weekend, a partnership of architects and interior designers held a sort of rummage sale with that intent.

South Arts

One Atlanta artist has just received a boost to his practice: This week, South Arts, which highlights and supports artists working in the Southeast, named Masud Olufani as one of their 2017 State Fellows. Olufani was chosen to represent Georgia in this honor, and is one of nine artists in the region to receive this fellowship.

Courtesy of Actor's Express

Any artistic director can tell you that getting a nonprofit arts organization through a single year is a challenge, which makes Atlanta’s Actor’s Express pretty remarkable. The theater company is getting ready to begin their 30th season.

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Courtesy of MINT

The art organization MINT is going through a lot of changes. The gallery recently announced that their creative director, Candice Greathouse, has resigned. 

This follows their announcement in April 2016 that they were moving out of their gallery space on North Highland. MINT has since been setting up exhibitions in temporary spaces. 

Greathouse became MINT's full-time creative director in 2014 after serving as interim operations manager.