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Atlanta Braves Cobb County

Braves officials advised fans to buy their tickets and parking spots in advance, use its mobile apps to get to SunTrust Park and follow the signs when they arrive.
David Goldman / Associated Press

The Atlanta Braves' new stadium is ready for its first real unveiling. The Braves' new team remains an unfinished work.

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A sellout crowd will be watching when the Braves finally play their first regular-season game in SunTrust Park against San Diego tonight.


After struggling on a long road trip to open the season, the Braves are glad to finally play in their new home.


Cobb County said it’s able to afford an oversight in the budget for traffic control because of nearly 30 unfilled officer vacancies in the Cobb police department.
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

If you're worried about traffic near the new Atlanta Braves stadium on game nights, you're not alone.

But stadium officials and business leaders are telling people not to fret: officials say they're ready.

At its final transportation update before the new Atlanta Braves stadium opens to the public on Friday, team officials advised people to buy their tickets and parking spots in advance, use its mobile apps to get to SunTrust Park and follow the signs when they arrive.

Cobb County Gears Up For SunTrust Park Traffic

Mar 22, 2017
David Goldman / Associated Press

In nine days the Atlanta Braves will play their first game in their new Cobb County ballpark.

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Team officials have repeatedly said they've got traffic troubles under control and have assured fans that they will be able to get to the stadium on-time.

Those who live and work nearby are bracing for the traffic boost.

Paul Newberry / Associated Press

The Cobb County government has established a committee to help the Atlanta Braves make sure SunTrust Park is ready to play ball this spring.

The new Braves Advisory Board will hold its first meeting Friday.

The main goal: make sure everything is in place when the facility opens for business within the next 14 weeks.

"Take for example, the stadium has to have a certificate of occupancy. There is a date that that has to happen by. Now there are other things that have to happen ... Fire Marshall inspection and things like that," said Cobb County Commissioner Bob Ott.

Mike Stewart / Associated Press

Sandy Springs residents are worried traffic’s going to get a lot worse when the Atlanta Braves move to neighboring Cobb County.

At a forum Wednesday night, many weren’t comforted by state and local plans to address the traffic.

In the Riverwood High School auditorium, Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul listed off some of things that could be done to prevent the area from becoming one big traffic jam on game days.

Among them were temporary exit ramps off the interstates. The state may also consider making a route one way only during game traffic.