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Brenna Beech / WABE

The role of Atlanta’s African-American leaders in the civil rights movement is well-documented. But, the city’s Jewish community supported the struggle too. 

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This is the 150th anniversary year of Atlanta’s oldest synagogue, called The Temple. The milestone has become an opportunity to honor The Temple's civil rights legacy.

Myke Johns / WABE

When the novel “Darktown” was published two years ago, author Thomas Mullen introduced readers to a historical subject that ought to be widely known, namely the racial integration of Atlanta’s police department in 1948.

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Courtesy of the Plaza Theatre

The historic Plaza Theatre is Atlanta’s only independent movie theater, and every year it’s the site of films festivals, special screenings of locally produced films, classics and, of course, live performances of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

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The movie theater just announced a new owner, Chris Escobar. He’s the director of the Atlanta Film Society, which runs the Atlanta Film Festival.  

Susan Walsh / Associated Press

Descendants of Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens wrote a letter calling for the removal a statue honoring Stephens in the U.S. Capitol.

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Two brothers, Alexander and Brendan Stephens, shared their open letter to Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia General Assembly with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday.

Kaitlin Kolarik / WABE

The city of Atlanta says it's weighing whether to restore a monument that was defaced in Piedmont Park Sunday or remove it.

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"The Peace Monument is owned by the City of Atlanta, and is managed by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Parks and Recreation,” a spokesperson for the city of Atlanta said. “As such, the City is responsible for restoring the public art and we are currently reviewing our options.”