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A concert in Atlanta this week boasts an eclectic lineup of rap, R&B and gospel for a good cause.

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Kelly Price has had an extraordinary and long career, from being called "Little Mahalia" at age 9 to singing with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Notorious B.I.G. and releasing a pair of platinum-selling albums.

This week, she's putting on a show to benefit victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

Fifty-five medical professionals from Georgia are on the way to Texas to assist with hurricane rescue efforts. Among them are specialists in incident command, search and rescue efforts, and pediatric and geriatric care.

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Terence Ramotar, regional director of American Medical Response, said the paramedics and emergency medical technicians left Stone Mountain early this morning, and are each driving an ambulance. 

A tornado forms over a house near Pilger, Neb., Monday, June 16, 2014.
Mark 'Storm' Farnik / Associated Press

A decade ago, Hurricane Katrina struck nearly 500 miles from Atlanta. Even that far away, the storm still caused 18 tornadoes across the state.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Lisa Janak says tornados are only one danger a hurricane poses to the metro area. 

“It can bring high winds that can knock down trees and power lines. It can have a tropical storm that can hover over an area, drop a lot of rain [and] cause severe flooding,” she says. 

That's why Janak says even metro Atlanta residents should have a disaster readiness plan.