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Atlanta Police Chief George Turner

Atlanta Police Department Deploys Its First Body Cameras

Dec 16, 2016
The new body cameras APD Zone 4 officers are using attach to their uniforms with magnets.
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It will be the end of next year before all Atlanta police officers have body cameras.

Field officers in Zone 4 of the Atlanta Police Department, which is in the Cascade area of southwest Atlanta, are the first in the department to be equipped with body cameras. Officers have trained on how to use the cameras and have been wearing them for the past month.

Chief George Turner admits outfitting the officers was long overdue.

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Atlanta officials and business leaders broke ground on a new youth center on the city's Westside Wednesday. The site chosen for redevelopment sat in an area of English Avenue filled with gutted homes.

"In the hills of all the blight that you see here,” said outgoing Atlanta Police Chief George Turner in his remarks, “there are still men and women that have a desire to raise their family and make a difference in their lives.”

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Police Chief George Turner will be retiring from his post at the end of the year – after spending 35 years with the Atlanta Police Department.

The news was met with sadness from the business-led Atlanta Police Foundation, the organization that has worked closely with Turner since he was made police chief in 2010.

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner is as Atlanta as one can be. He was born at Grady Hospital, and he grew up in the Perry Homes public housing neighborhood.

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