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The Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young Debate Series will host debates for the offices of mayor of Atlanta and city council president on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, at Public Broadcasting Atlanta in the WABE Studios located at 740 Bismark Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 30324.

The mayoral debate will be moderated by WABE’s Morning Edition host, Denis O’Hayer, and the journalist panel will be announced soon.

In the early 1960s, the Atlanta Student Movement bubbled up from the historically black colleges on the west side of downtown.

They wanted to be able to eat at restaurants, shop at department stores and not live as second-class citizens.

But their efforts were not being covered by the traditional media. Even the existing black press ignored them – fearing they were too radical and disruptive to the status quo.

That’s how the Atlanta Inquirer was born. Several black leaders – including businessmen Herman Russell and Jesse Hill – put their support behind the upstart.

Atlanta Police Department Chief George Tuner in the A Closer Look studio, March 2, 2015
Jason Parker / WABE

The head of Atlanta's police force said a large-scale crackdown on the city's heroin trade is in full swing.  

But Chief George Turner, speaking Tuesday evening as part of an Atlanta Press Club panel on poverty, may have said too much.

Mercedes-Benz CEO Steve Cannon
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon says tax breaks were not critical to the company’s decision to move to metro Atlanta.

"If you make a 50-year decision, tax incentives mean almost nothing," Cannon says. "You spread a few million dollars of incentives across 50 years, it has zero impact on the business case." 

At an event at the Atlanta Press Club on Thursday, Steve Cannon says the region's quality of life and close-knit business community were the primary reasons.

Are The Debates Having Any Impact On Likely Voters?

Oct 24, 2014

The midterm elections are less than two weeks away. Are voters tuning into the debates and is anyone changing their mind after watching them?

“It’s really a waste of time,” said David Perkins of midtown Atlanta. “For me, I don’t believe it’s really necessary to watch because most of the stuff you already know because of the party they represent.”  

The few we spoke to who have tuned in didn’t watch for very long. Rebecca Brooks-Fournier of DeKalb County criticized moderators for not being tough enough.