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Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes Shed The Pink And Blue

Feb 3, 2016
Payson Schwin and Kristin Nabors with 2-year-old Matilda. Nabors writes, "I want to be sure my kids feel like they can like whatever they like, rather than being tracked into traditionally 'girl' and 'boy' interests."
Kristin Nabors

What color do you associate with baby girls? Okay, now how about boys?  

If you answered “pink” and “blue,” well … not so fast. There’s a new trend for babies and little kids, and it’s all about gender-neutral clothing. 

Genevieve Leavitt wheels a shopping cart loaded with groceries out of Trader Joes on a busy Tuesday morning. She’s sneaking in a few errands before picking up her two-year-old at daycare.

Atlanta Sounds: Baby Birth

Sep 28, 2014

In late 2012, Mary and her husband, Andy Rodriquez, submitted audio to WABE of their hospital room where their soon Tycho would soon be born.

4 hours and 22 minutes later afer their initial recording, Tycho came into the world, and they couple caught his first moments on tape. We've turned that audio into this Atlanta Sound.


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